Matt Pitt: Gumshoe

The High Window



Matt Pitt is a poet and screenwriter. He has previously published in Ambit, Acumen, Ink Sweat & Tears, Prole and Under the Radar. His second feature film, Man of Sorrows, is due to start shooting in 2022..

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street scene

I was twisting the cap
off a bottle of gin
when the door opened up
and a pinstripe blew in.
He stood there playing tough,
then reached from his jacket
a faded photograph.
I snuck a look at it.
It was old and crumpled . . .
and gorgeous as Bacall!
She’s missing, he mumbled.
I snorted. Aren’t they all?
I said, Listen fella,
this ain’t your lucky day.
You wasted your leather,
you climbed the wrong stairway.
If I took your case on
I’d be playing us both.
I’m no Perry Mason . . .
He twisted up his mouth.
Yeah? That’s not what it says

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