#BeesNeedsWeek #BeeTheChange 12th-18th. Tuesday is Cut Your Grass Less Often. How would this help bees? The video below explains. I will feature any work that is inspired by this video. I welcome written/artwork/photos submissions on any of the following themes Five Simple Actions: Monday: Grow More Flowers, Shrubs, And Trees, Tuesday: Cut Your Grass Less Often, Wednesday: Let Your Garden Grow Wild, Thursday: Don’t Disturb Insect Nest And Hibernation Spots, Friday: Think Carefully About Whether To Use Pesticides, and two additional ones, Saturday: Score Your Garden With Bee Kind Sunday: Make Space For Bumblebee Nests

Cut grass less often and ideally remove the cuttings to allow plants to flower.

Native flowering plants in grass areas, field corners, verges and specially sown flower-rich habitats support the greatest diversity of insect pollinators by providing nectar and pollen resources, places to nest or breed and leaves for caterpillars. Hence it’s important to get the management right.

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