Catch Up: Ralph Dartford

northern gravy 2

 Since we last spoke there has been a lot going on. Not just for me, but for all of us.

I completed my Masters Degree at Sheffield Hallam. I got a ‘Distinction’ and won the university ‘Ictus Prize for Outstanding Work in Poetry”. Both came as a thrilling shock.

I have completed a second collection of poetry for Valley Press. The new collection is called ‘Hidden Music’ and is due out in October. It’s a suite of poems that are in conversation with certain pieces of music and song. It;s a very different from ‘Recovery Songs’ in style and content. It had to be, I did not want to appear as a one trick recovery boy poet. I’m very pleased with it, but it is for others to judge.  Once its in the public domain, I no longer have ownership.

I’ve also been lucky enough to receive funding from the Arts Council England to develop a third collection. This project is provisionally titled, ‘Kid B’ and I am in the early stages of writing it. The themes that i am exploring are isolation and I think will consist of shorter poems. Who knows what they will turn out like though.

I’ve also started a Literary Periodical with two fellow graduates form the MA course. It’s called. ’Northern Gravy’. It’s great to have a role as editor. Our first edition is out in July. Here is a link to the website. It would be great to see more submissions.

Ralph Dartford (Poetry Editor)

Northern Gravy

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