April poetry challenge day 30

Jane Dougherty Writes

Last day of the challenge (though there’s a bonus day 31 tomorrow) and it has been such a productive one! Many thanks to Paul Brookes for putting it all together, and to the artists, Jane Cornwell, John Law and Kerfe Roig for their inspirational work.
For this final (almost) poem I have used all three artworks.

Earth creeps with tiny things

we tread tiny things unthinking,
our eyes on some unattainable glitter,
or some attainable trash.

Rarely the stars.

Aloof, they won’t be unstuck,
fall into our grasp,
and what cannot be had, counted, traded,
is worthless.

I look at the tiny trembling things
that can’t be grasped and see
a scrap of the universal matter,

a fragment of a star,
light still falling,
millions of years
after its darkening.

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