Fire That Burns Away All Fears – A Sonnet

The world according to RedCat

Concentrate On Hearing Voices by Kerfe Roig

When the world outside is quiet and calm
The choir of voices singing in my head
Fills my being with the singing of psalms
The echo sounds of dreams I long thought dead

Passions stubborn spirit refuse to shed
Visions burning clear in my thirds eye’s sight
My core even though abuse has me bled

My walls can no longer contain the light

The choice becomes, slowly die or shine bright
Trust there’s life time left for another choice
Spread my battered wings and let dreams take flight
Believe there’s stories to tell with my voice

Let truth be my shield and my words my spear
My pen the fire that burns away all fears


This is my fourth Sonnet in April. And my first ever Spenserian sonnet, which has a linked rhyme scheme of…

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