April poetry challenge day 28

Jane Dougherty Writes

Today’s poem is inspired by John Law’s Tawny owl at Coach and Horses and Kerfe Roig’s The sky is filled with voices. All the images and the poems they have inspired are on Paul Brookes’ blog here.

Owl silence

No silence
not even in the night silence
when there is only sky and stars

and the earth fades into silver mist.

No silence
for every leaf has a voice a tongue
played by the wind
the rain
and water runs
with constant chatter

crickets strum stalk legs
through our sleep

paws speak
with dead leaf-rustle

and embracing all
this silent world of sound
the glorious questioning call
of the tawny owl
ripples through branch
and starlight

falling in a cascade
of feather-flutter
to the silver misted earth.

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