#NationalGardeningWeek poetry and artwork challenge. Tuesday 27th Take A Mindful Moment in your garden, what can you hear, what new things can you see? Please DM me if you wish to submit, or contact me via my WordPress blog.

Maggs Garden

-Maggs Vibo

Spring Rain

birds flutter
down from the
great Pagoda –
winged raindrops
dripping to earth,
waking it with
their words, soaking
the lawn in song.

My Garden of Nations

Japanese cherry blossom tree boughs bend with heavy pink flowers
Scottish rowan beside waits patient till autumn to spout red berries
Canadian copper beech burnished maroon leaves adorns the fall
English beech its resplendent cream and green, lush to behold.

The summer flowers beds dipping colours vie for their global share
Peonies from China luscious pinks and blues fill the beds so fair
Tulips from Persia stand tall of every hue swaying in the spring breeze
The Anthurium shows Hawaiian hospitality vivid, colouring the borders
The Turkish Hyacinth argues with eastern Carnation, perfume spilling.

Purple, pink Himalayan Rhododendrons riotous wild all over, calling
Inside my peaceful abode subtropical Indian Jasmine lifts the spirit
The pure white blossom fragrances, enhances, soothes a busy life
Mexican Yucca plant flourishes green its pale tendrils swirls neat
Fiscus, money plants, a greenery to calm the plastic materialism.

Nature enthrals within and without, a bounty gleaned for all mankind
Gems unrivalled, colour enriches us from all corners of the world.

-Leela Soma


Pluck all on the lawn, turn my back and more
appear. I should poison them all, be rid.
But, I do not want to open the door
of making our cats ill, always a fear.

Whenever a child dies God sprinkles earth
with Daisies. Freya’s favourite flower.
I would slaughter innocents for the worth
of a pure lawn. It’s within my power

to purify the green destroy yellow.
I deem, dictate what’s a weed and what’s not.
Perhaps, I should rewild a bit, allow
Daisies in only one part of my plot.

Delusions of grandeur, an obsessive
space manipulator, an oppressive.

-Paul Brookes

Bios and Links

-Maggs Vibo

has art forthcoming in the winnow magazine, experimental poetry with Coven Poetry, visual poetry in Steel Incisors and object poetry in the Poem Atlas ‘aww-struck’ exhibition. Her most recent hybrid is currently available at Ice Floe Press and published anthologies include Fevers of the Mind Press Presents the Poets of 2020 (January, 2021) and ‘My teeth don’t chew on shrapnel’: an anthology of poetry by military veterans (Oxford Brookes, 2020). She tweets @maggsvibo with website and other social sites at poemythology.com.

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