Mistress of Watery Midnight – Ekprastic Challenge, February 4

The world according to RedCat

Christine O’Connor

As night settles, her dark vigil begin
Guiding shadows every night
Watching over all hunted by demons within
Calling lost souls to the light

As countless as the stars her kin
Find at her side, respite from the daily fight
All those made to feel uncomfortable in their skin
Feel recharged by her watchful caring sight

When teary sorrow and stormy fears set in
Her birds catch nightmares in their flight
As she new rainbow dreams spin
Mistress of watery midnight


As soon as I started looking at that art piece, a phrase from a song started spinning through my mind. Mistress of watery midnights is from this healing chant I found on Insight timer.

See all art and read all poetry at The Wombwell Rainbow.

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