For Mr. Paul Brookes January Ekphrastic Challenge ~ Day 17~ In Response to Marcel Herms,Chris O’Conner,and Kerfie Roig’s Artwork.


bookpage02, mixed media on paper, 17 x 25 cm, 2021 MH23
-Marcel Herms “Die Zellenturen sind luftdicht”

Response to Marcel Herms

O Dead spirit rise
Death has killed all but the good
Earth awaits you still.

In Response to KR 17

owl moon KR23
-Kerfe Roig “Owl Moon”

Moon of white wisdom
restore sanity, release
owl for human brain

In Response to CO 17

-Christine O’Connor

enter to find remnants of a massacre,a war, meaning less

body less rags soaked in cold human flow, clue less

where did the bodies go, hatred extreme hacked them?

what will they gain but pain in later life, home haunted-

who ever will stop this insanity, I wonder why its taunted

red for danger red for stop red for blood,red for flood

red for revolt red for revolution red for a bride red for sacrifice

but red is again a war horse riding fast still, when will red blood


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