Fall Maiden – A Sonett, Ekphrastic Challenge, January 19

The world according to RedCat

Kerfe Roig – Second Autumn

The flowing tresses of auburn man bind
Follow drawn by every curvy sashay
Swift bubbly laughter sings love in their mind
Among leaves twirling she dances away

Smile drawing the hunting merry wild chase
Darting vision of fall forest beauty
Feet leaping lightly through swaying trunk maze
Further into skin on skin, touch frenzy

Green dusted with gold secret yearning hold
Unlock with a honest champion heart
Requires her suitors to be fiery bold
Adore her, love her, never be apart

Deep in the woods on a bed of soft straw
Men worship her season with spellbound awe


Been wanting to write a sonnet for a while but haven’t found the right inspiration. Today I did thanks to falling deeply Kerfe’s artwork.

See all artwork and read all poems for today at The Wombwell Rainbow.

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