Threnody – A poem and Three Photo Works by Martins Deep

IceFloe Press


the owl in the cave of father’s mouth warned        /but we heed it not, did we?
until a tarantula climbed up
for the sun where it hung      /over our kraal, & ate it like a firefly trapped in its web
its fluttering lamp left to quench on the last note of a sad song.

how you were torn open, & hurriedly
like a parcel, brother — a christmas present;
a music box of mother’s anguish/your throes/our household’s silence.

tastebuds grown on the rim of their eardrums —
offsprings of the underworld we never stop cursing
whose diet is the scream of a man that knots broken bonds.

at the scene, my heart beating fast was your footfalls leaving your body behind
for mother to weep formaldehyde on it.
but she was held back. so, you must
slowly fade into a memory
vanishing with the steam from her pot of…

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