#InternationalPronounsDay poetry and artwork challenge. Have you written about gender pronouns, or any other pronouns? Have you made typographical art around these? Unpublished/published I will accept all submissions. Please DM me, or send a message via my WordPress site, The Wombwell Rainbow.

I Am the I

‘The Net is an emblem of multiples. Out of it comes swarm being – distributed being – spreading the self over the entire web so that no part can say ‘I am the I’’ – Kevin Kelly, The Inevitable.

You are on a train that stops in sidings
at a nameless new town station.
A corporate slice of sponsored sunlight
climbs on board and sits in front of you,
flicks through your ancient book of verse.
Have you ever lived twice?—asks this tumbler of spheres.

Your smile says more than any book of ancient rhyme can do.

Because I am the I, this shining example continues,
the wall sailor, and I am ten feet tall.
I saw it written on the moon, that blood in veins
is man’s packet-designed crystalline technology.
Strip away all your inhibitions and watch me flourish.
I am the energy, the raw, sacred healer.
You saw how I eased myself into all four corners of the globe.
I walked through walls into every board room in every city
and changed the world.
I am reflected in the shards of a tall tower.
I am etched in acid and miniaturised.
I am an emblem of multiples.
I am on a journey to the centre of the earth—

And, with a sense of weary resignation,
your train continues on a branch line
to an unmanned station and a distant destination
where you alight and wave and turn away.

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