“The Ninth Garden” (9 vs. The Garden of Night)  by James Schwartz w/ a painting by Moira J. Saucer

IceFloe Press

The Ninth Garden (9 vs. from the Garden of Night)


I have been wrong before.
Finding silence at the door.
Slumped over in defeat.
Forgetting my frantic feet.


I have been right as rain.
Reeling, dealing carried pain.
Years ago, on this day.
Mother was sent away.


No more would I ever play.
Another Mother gone away.
Such a small square of stone.
Can make one feel so alone.

I am weary and I tire too soon.
Gazing at the buttery shards of the moon.
My step falters in the garden of night.
I have not the strength left to fight.


The light of mourning son.
Felled by distance done.
Held by morning sun.
Night chases where I run.

The night is old: I scream, I scream.
I am youth: I dream, I dream.
The night is cold: I cry, I cry.
Tonight I die, tonight…

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