..day 104..

sonja benskin mesher

..day 104..

the wild thing entered the studio again
i was not looking

the dead things are missing
presumed eaten

years old
dried must
have tasted bitter

feathers left outside
in scatters

i had taken photos

the rat remains under glass

even at home small dramas occur

they had the drain issue
while i experienced non delivery
though they said they had

so today we talk of cows
now up behind the yard
where i can see them all


so pretty with differing patterns
with a chevrolet bull he said
he possibly will have spelled
it different

i don’t know

i see a lot while walking yet
still envy those that pass by

i still pick up things that they
may not see going by so quick

like he did not see the objects
the idle artefacts in passing
so busy thinking of his own…

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