Seven Poems and Six Images by Constance Bacchus

IceFloe Press

the air above

skin suddenly breaking
lets go of description
of shape previous

less dense
more expanding

teases dry sand ground
coulee walls

for a time, she says
then leaves, departs,
flies back to

running near the Stilly

blackberries feel invasive,
they feel green
they feel bitter again,
growing along

bear scat & sullen
cougar tracks

they feel as if this time
they could
spy on salmon catching

volunteer Indian plums
in open mouths, oh they catch
wild cherries

The water is clear.

stones placed just so
red cedars are there

going places
that have

all along

fond rivers, forms, washington state

I. Near Lewiston

the snake, cold waters
palouse, hilled

crosses the clearwater
crossing cactus, covering
sand banks

II. Near Concrete & Arlington

flooded in Shangri-La

clearing skagit bald
glacier glass verde

waves, stillaguamish

a snohomish woman
in a state
flowing clean

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