The Art of Reinvention, a poem . . . and your next Wednesday Writing Prompt

Jamie Dedes' THE POET BY DAY Webzine

Photograph courtesy of Sebastian Unrau, Unsplash

Nothing in the cry
of cicadas suggests they
are about to die

A rooster’s crow echoes in the hallowed halls
Of a mind as unfettered as the sun hitching
A ride across the day sky and dying without
Angst into dusk and lunar magic, shinning on
Sea waves wearing away stone, pine needles
Rotting into detritus, decomposing into food and
Housing for small residents of busy ecosystems,
Like the bodies of sinners and saints, one moment
Clay and the next starlight, a sacred unharvest for
Wholly spirits, clinging to nothing, single minded
Evolving and devolving, reinvention and recycling
An etheric trail across the great galaxy of mystery

© 2020, Jamie Dedes



An old friend of mine is fond of saying that nothing is lost in the Kingdom of God – nothing really dies, she says –  but all things…

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