Deviations from Code on Geographic Hardweb by Kenji Sirota

IceFloe Press

corpse state only internal head acid hyper crazy world gram recognition infectious genome body chemical technocrisis emulated convergence and consciousness at the location of script code plug-dog nightmare protocol is a medium-sized dna omotya error hunting mechanism that causes in human cities to break down into apoptotic water mania disease
chromosome killing that does malice to the sun virtual horizon of the memory of the memory of the man horizon of the flesh of the man is opened streaming to her mitochondria of world absolute vagina space
of the inherited boy breaks the body inoculated endosporoid embryo ecstasy and state brain

form hive already shortens the planetary abolition of regional natural system scope of the definition is < grotesque abandoned brain odor artificial down:::abolishes intercourse meat with accelerated brain boy down gene general suck emulated performance artificial nightmare then bit break speed chloroform black roid break secondary acidhuman silence her…

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