At the Beginning of a Pandemic … your next Wednesday Writing Prompt, hosted this week by Michael Dickel

Apt and difficult prompt

Jamie Dedes' THE POET BY DAY Webzine

Lymphoma Meditation-1 ©2019 Michael Dickel

…the ailing body points to culture, pain points to philosophy, language points to consciousness, and all point to what is still to be learned about our fragility, our mortality, and how to live a meaningful life.” Ann Jurecic, Illness as Narrative (Composition, Literacy, and Culture), p. 131


Large B-cell lymphoma with T cell-rich…
Damn, how do I slip that mouthful in.
To my life. My thought. This poem?

The tumor breached my spine, pressed
its attack onto nerves. A tactic to cut
communication channels. Painful alarum.

Yet here we arrive. The first day of Spring—
Shushan Purim. We walk in Jerusalem’s
Botanical Garden. The first chemical attack

on the tumor, the lymphoma, my body—
this day—dispensation given to fight back
against this pogrom in my very bones.

The red anemones, pink cyclamen,
something purple I cannot name,
shine with indifference to the wars

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2 thoughts on “At the Beginning of a Pandemic … your next Wednesday Writing Prompt, hosted this week by Michael Dickel

    • ..the apology..

      we are urged to change our lives
      and maybe just maybe it is about
      for we have had it easy a while

      i am refering to myself only
      for speaking broadly find
      i may upset some

      am late here after writing
      a tome of explaination
      apology for verse
      not aimed at anyone
      just a pattern of words
      and sounds

      my life is simplified
      with the new living

      spoken for our health &
      safety overall

      people have come kind
      & supportive all round

      while few remain
      in anger

      i just feel j resigned to what
      comes as i have before though

      scared for my family & those
      around me

      i say this to you who
      have been to war
      who rides your bike
      down dangerous hills

      who cares for kittens

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