Two Poems by Samuel Strathman w/ a Drawing by Robert Frede Kenter

IceFloe Press

Frog Meets Sweater

After “Frogments From the Frag Pool” by Gary Barwin and Derek Beaulieu.

Frog tries on a turtleneck,

it fits swimmingly.

Later, he puts his foot

in a pool, takes it back out
shakes the water off
mindful of his new apparel,

Not my bowl of biscuits.

He hops away,
he hops back,

then dives straight into the pool –
weighted down
by merchandise.

He appeals to an opossum
who shrugs their shoulders
then gestures at their size.

He appeals to his landlord
who asks the soggy top as payment.

When all else fails
he spots his ex-boyfriend, Badger,
who pulls him out only to slide him back again.
This time Frog catches the pool’s edge
with one foot, then another.

Before long backtracking
to the store
when he can’t make a return,

Sends that rat-racoon hybrid
who served him

                  Sailing out of a cannon.


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