.two squirrels.

sonja benskin mesher

no one about

the whole way down the back road.

two squirrels so i talk to them, and the tiny

dunnock bird


he said they are  brown


in the dirt and this is so


they often are as  are we



good place to be in earth

to plant and grow while


small birds look for food


the story continues



now you know that the bird has died

and her wish was to preserve it somehow


that was yesterday


she had balanced it on a cotton reel, you know the old wooden ones with red thread.

this balancing thing

started years ago

in childhood, a game. later life a habit, a meditation.

she watched others, the artists balancing stones

copied , then balanced all sorts, soaps. boxes, anything really.

perhaps it is a control thing she supposed as she balanced…

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