Wombwell Rainbow Book Review: Dark Hour by Nadia de Vries

Dark Hour

Dark Hour by Nadia de Vries


The Review

Darkness and time. The image of a single Swan’s wing outstretched on the book cover.

Turn the pages to see the words:

Remember when I was terrified?
Good me neither.

Forty-five pithy, playful, elusive references to Harry Potter (Defense Against the Dark Arts) vampires and angels.  First and last titles: “Cute as Hell”, “Now That I’m a Cursed Woman”.

Terror and cuteness appear again in her poem “Safe Word” which is worth quoting in full:

Everything about me is cute.
My trust issues are strawberry-scented.
I put out a saucer of milk for each monster.
My hatred is soft.
It barely exists.

I know God is real because persimmons exist.” Often known as “God’s Pear” the persimmon is seen as a fruit of enlightenment.

She says:

We meet in the darkness.
We point at the darkness.
We laugh at the darkness.


The Swan falls into the nettles.

She speaks usually from the “I”. She reimagines museums and art galleries internalising the effect they have on her.

It is an excellent read, in turns surprising and thought provoking.

Nadia’s The Wombwell Interview: https://thewombwellrainbow.com/2019/02/06/wombwell-rainbow-interviews-nadia-de-vries/

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