Wombwell Rainbow Interviews: Dawn Marie DiMartino

Wombwell Rainbow Interviews

I am honoured and privileged that the following writers local, national and international have agreed to be interviewed by me. I gave the writers two options: an emailed list of questions or a more fluid interview via messenger.

The usual ground is covered about motivation, daily routines and work ethic, but some surprises too. Some of these poets you may know, others may be new to you. I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I do.


Dawn Marie DiMartino

has lived most of her youth in New York, but has been a native of Florida for over 20+ years. She is recently separated, a mother of 2 adult children and is a retired analyst. Her passion for writing and drawing started at a very early age. She has continued through her adult life taking a pen to hand and compiling her innermost thoughts, feelings and expressions on paper. Her writing and drawing keep her in a calm frame of mind when putting it all down. Some/Most of her writings can tell you about her personal story. She has published 4 poetry books, 3 children’s books, and have been involved in 4 anthologies.

The Interview

1. What inspired you to write poetry?

My father had inspired me by his writings.

2. Who introduced you to poetry?

My father and the teachers at the schools that I attended.

3. How aware were you of the dominating presence of older poets?

Very. I loved Shakespeare and Edgar Allen Poe when I was young.

4. What is your daily writing routine?

I don’t have one. I write when I feel compelled to do so.

5. What motivates you to write?

My motivation for writing is life, my own feelings, and some images and\or art works.

6. What is your work ethic?

Being retired, I work when I choose: less stressful that way.

7. How do the writers you read when you were young influence you today?

I read a book called, “Where the Sidewalk Ends” by Shel Silverstein when I was in Elementary School. I loved his style of writing and the messages in the poetic stories.
My children’s books are tailored the same way.

8. Who of today’s writers do you admire the most and why?

I love Nora Roberts’ stories, Kathy Reich’s quirky plot twists, Anne Rices’ use of past mythology, JK Rowlings’ take on young witches, and Stephen Kings’ sick mind.

9. Why do you write?

I write to express my feelings in a poetic manner. With my children’s books, the thought comes so I write.

10. What would you say to someone who asked you, “How do you become a writer?”

I don’t believe that one becomes a writer, you just are. If you feel passionate enough to put it down on paper, within the latest grammar/spelling guidelines, then you are.

11. Tell me about the writing projects you have on at the moment.

I am currently putting together two children’s books. One will be a compilation of many child orientated learning poetic stories. The other book entitled, ‘Hacksaw Jim’, I am currently waiting for my brother to finalize his drawings.It will be published through the Independent Publishing portion of Amazon. The books will be available in both the Kindle and Paperback versions.


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