The Need to Remember

The need to remember.
The never to forget.
This list of essential tasks
on mobile, in my head.

Milk, bread, light bulbs, to live,
To bury my Nanna
beside my mum, sister.
Lay her casket to rest.

The need to remember
why this delay
to fulfill my Nannas
wish to be buried here,

join daughter, granddaughter.
I have kept her ashes
stored in my room at home.
Close to their photographs.

I have told myself ‘Do
It!’ and nothing is done.
I cannot, will not let
go of her. I am done.

Let her and myself down.
Must get hold of myself.
Must call the vicarage.
Must say a last goodbye.

The never to forget
as I shop these shelves
everything on my list
that needs to be done.

My Nanna, Sister, Mum
Were my bread, milk, light.
My wife, daughter, grand
kids are essentials now.

The need to remember,
the never to forget.
one list to another
an urgent task undone.

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2 thoughts on “The Need to Remember

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