Novel Quotes: The Four Gifts

Buses are butterflies all blue and gold. Blind Mary and I caught one to the black glass wedding.

Young, dead Lozzy comes walking on water down the canal bright and shiny like a new kitchen surface.

The Man’s Landrover is a poisonous flower, lily packed with dust of death. He climbs out of the lily dust flying like red flour.

He is the politest of men.
“Pardon me, young Lady”
to Blind Mary who coughs,
overcome by dust.

Lozzy, my poor dead son is a vacuum cleaner with severe asthma. He inhales the Man of Dust and knows what it means.

Man of Dusts’ minder of water floods the vacuum cleaner. Lozzy coughs splutters. First gift carved coal elephant trunk inhales.

Coal sculpture elephant sprays the water over his back, as if having a wash. Black dust billows. Black mingles with red dust.

Lozzy vacuums the Man of Dust. Disposes of him in the Place of No Breath. And if the dust meets breath, life. Dust waits.

2 thoughts on “Novel Quotes: The Four Gifts

  1. V. Interesting!! Have you read Ben Marcus (esp. ‘The Age of Wire and String’) ? I like it when metaphors are pushed so far they get a sort of free-floating, alien life of their own.

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