Wombwell Strolls 2

Wombwell early stroll: sunbreaking brought bling jewels from overnight rain, droplet tiaras/earrings trees, lampposts ankle bracelets.

Wombwell late stroll: On bus glimpse un netted/unblinded windows massive TVs window on window on corporate images: ogle goggle boxed.

Wombwell late stroll: Fresh grass laundered, barbeque wafts, Rounding white clouds sky ablaze: Natural delights

Wombwell early stroll: cat trots downhill to bike shop. Black stringtied purse roadside. Folded bus pass at bus stop: ways home

India to Ceylon Blue Funnel, 1950s

White, steaming big neck
Swinging like sail in full
Horns razor sharp Madras cow
Clanking down metal aisle
Of three funnelled merchant ship

Dad, up from hot boilers
His mate behind the beast
Hit it with sticks herd it
Back to its wooden corral
Above the hold.

Heat, more flies than sweat
Dad knew white monster
Was coal blistered face
Nostrils hissing air
Steam screaming water
Through pipes, pistons.

Knew caressing its flank
Every flinch, flick, strain
Yawn of engine below
Only way to get there.

Indian cow sacred,
So are ships boilers 

Wombwell Early/Late Stroll Twitter

Wombwell late stroll: Zoom in to gold world, old pump, miners lamp, glass bottles, cricket/tennis bats, canal boat http://t.co/EAjEvBFWfe

Wombwell late stroll: Rain constellations bus window, cars backwash tarmac, droplets break tension ripples natural birdbath.

Wombwell early stroll: Squashed plastic blue pen, empty grey fag packet, lobbed lottery ticket: middle of road Spring revelation

Wombwell early stroll: empty black/red polystyrene Coke Zero cup circles street middle, Black/white fat cat waddles across road: life design

Wombwell late stroll:  After nimbus drops inhale moss like marine pool kelp after wave sea breeze fresh, glowing: Wombwell by the sea.

Wombwell early stroll: pigeons, spuggys shadow puppetry streets, houses. Tarmac warm shivers. Radiant windows flash mirror passing traffic

Wombwell late stroll: Evening spitting, growling, flaming, fluid lads/lasses on heat, short shirts tempers. This is the barbecue.


Crow Scare

Out your old, raw eyes
Between thin crows’ feet
Their walking hunger
Sees black fallow fields
All meat and feathers:
Crow parliaments
Mouthy parent birds
Guillotine stray seeds
Divorce husk from flesh
Strewn men and women
Holding back hardship
Broadcast dry fresh seeds.
Black birds snatch and eat
Food for sparse winters
Starved you enter a village
Are greeted, feasted
Given best shelter, clothes
Food, women, friends.
A short year revolves
To scare preying birds
The village men and women
Hone edge on blades
Cut short your visit,
Place you in a field
Tied to seasoned wood

Windows Are Single Eyed

Windows are single eyed.
We move the back projection,
Make clear the eyes corners.
What lies ahead, what lies in wait?

Enter house with hollow eyes breathe
Fragrant as bad breath, a dead leaf
Delicate structure crinkly soft
Wet pealing wallpaper

Doors were mouths,
Mothers polished,
Lovers humped over,
By which decisions entered or left,
From which dead leaves were brushed aside


Where the linnet calls
It breaks big white back
Of winter; craggs out
Grey veins dry stone walls
Of territory.

Cock Ring Ouzel calls
Cock Lapwings tumble
Short Eared Owls hunt
Wasteland: incomers.
Birds come upstream bones
Moved by these false springs.

Then the Curlew calls.
Spring staggers from brok
en white shells, tubers
Unsteady or sharp
Suck out hill’s feathered

There the Golden Plover
Takes fledglings across
Warming ice: snow broth
Whispers down to crack
The river’s quiet
Hibernating voice.

Copyright Paul Brookes, i.e. Me. Published in broadsheet 1993

Hard Business thinking: Hangman Stone

I walked from Hangman Stone
Where crime swung on a gibbet
Outside villages as post it note

Stone church entrance embedded
In three red hearts three white skulls
Memory jogger

Here stone, wood, metal Christs open
Their wounds in three streets.

I walked towards Thurnscoe, a cock stride away, faced a grassy slagheap

Walked dusty ground broken glass, patchwork carpet oddment lining fields, two unhelmeted Scramblers/ riders screamed past

Two young boys help tractored farmer gather golden corn harvest
Laugh together in field edged
By housing estates

I walked down Chapel Lane
That no longer leads to a Chapel

Hard business thinking

Writing Happened While…

1. Govt Scheme Horticultural Handyman, first F/T job,rarified palms bruise concrete flags, posh git labourer, grey plastic bin deer head

2. Mining Security Guard: Already dealt. See WP site. 1st 12hr night shift. Stomach upturned. Zombied. Massive moon Coal dust Fitters market

3. Post Office. Temp. Associate. Lob letter/parcel correct labelled bag, pigeon hole. All taking fag break toilets. Refused cross picket.

4. Employment Assistant/Officer. Unemployment Benefit clear plastic screen with trough divide jobless aim plastic pens via trough. Filing

5. Café Assistant. Tea/Coffee stainless steel handle tripped too far. Scalded. Crap arms too short cleaning clear glass food display. 1 week

6. . P/T Creative Writing/Literature Tutor designed/taught. Reverie. Some wanted/needed to write/read. Wordworld for all. Some succeed move on. Reverie

7. Pet Stall Assistant semi open market, Ferret Woman’s ferret Anorak collar, pig’s ears, dog chew sticks/shoes, biscuits, White Rat girl

8.Recruitment Agency Admin. Industrial Estate dust paths, checking pay, filing, Belly Buster Sarnies, gritty teeth, sweltering office

9.Bottle Factory Transport Admin. Ex Squaddie boss, Tachograph check, massive warehouses bottle packed, Swipe computer linked pallets

10. Catalogue Contact Centre Advisor: 3 bus there, 3 back. Learnt phone technique, dealing with difficult customers. Golf course chill walk

11. Customer Experience Advisor: Awkward gas meters, serial rail enquiries, seasonal water problems,
broadband difficulties, white warehouse