Book Reviews by Spriha Kant: “Othernesses” by Paul Brookes

Thankyou Spriha for this sparkling review, and to David for publishing it.

Fevers of the Mind

Review of Paul Brookes’s book “Othernesses” by Spriha Kant

“‘Othernesses’ is the beautifully unique work knitted by poet ‘Paul Brookes’ and this knitting pattern has an impactful impression.” This statement is justified by the facts and citations in the following stanzas.

The poet has wonderfully used personification in some poetries. Quoting a few words from one such poetry “The Rockpool” below:

“One minute I am scorched by sharp sunlight, next I’m cold enough to ripple shivers.” “In the wane I’ll have my own way, again. Every to and fro never the same.” Certain stanzas and/or words in some poetries recite the different aspects of life such as philosophy, experiences, etc, some recite through the garnish/garnishes of personifications and/or metaphors whereas some point out in a direct manner. Quoting such few words and stanzas below: “I am a dying sea, a dried up thing.” “Our specularities slide over surfaces, change…

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