Word Salad – April Ekphrastic Challenge

The world according to RedCat

Old lady who’s homeless who goes into spoons for a coffee every night by John Law

The lad was sad, so sad
Because vegetables was all he had
Grow on the sill to his tiny pad

He wished, oh how he wished
He had some coin for meat or fish
Something to make a filling dish

But his mind was set, firmly set
He would give something to the homeless old lady he’d met
She smiled like his nan and called him pet

So he gave her a salad to eat
Then offered his bed, so she wouldn’t sleep on the street
Don’t want to burden, she said, but thought him sweet, so sweet


Salad by Kerfe Roig

I really felt devoid of inspiration yesterday. Nothing came to me, so what did I do?

I started with the salad picture, listing what I imagined I saw. I mean is…

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