those who leave in white dresses – A Poem by Olúwádáre Pópóọla

IceFloe Press

those who leave in white dresses

as if the world held its eye a secretthe hand shrinks
muscle memory shimmering raw
with teeth stitched to bones in their most honest sin masked in scrub of gore
& her body becomes keys silent enough as a story of custody
of an edible history a stillness that betrays her

a grain for a bloodied door of dust potted for eyes

she is bride of fire lure of waste
how completeness is a way to unnerve
a sky eating it’s tragedy clean off worn eyelashes
a girl again going untold
mapping road within whirlpool-slack of tongue
a drunk bird slouched with the righteous scent of blame

in one hand men are gelid reserves
a calligraphy of unmarked blood

in another hand gorgeous knives grew into a garden of boys
peeling into a fracture of white dresses
& like the stranger she builds a…

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