Nine Poems by Rose Knapp with an art work by Robert Frede Kenter

IceFloe Press

Metamodernist Gnostic Vsrses

Asymmetrical asylum schizophrenic
Atomic Thomistic Information Age

Afghani racing thoughts racist subliminal

Demiurge dissociative apocryphal
Song of Songs cantos Acanonical

Magik magus’ halving Hellenic stalves
Hallucinatory hallowed Valentinus

Gnostial Gospels
Adonai Adorno Ad

Vermillion verses Heraclitian Augustinian automatist

Naga Narcissi Nagasaki
Surrealities Plurabelladonna

Nightshade Nero auto da Faye Augmentation

Heresies of Inverses historiographic

Poetically crystalline pristine prismatic pyramidal Pythia

Maniacal Czech cackling Affectivity Avignon absolutions absolutist

Absinthe verities Venus’ datura Datasethian Vicar Vis a viit idian

verisimilitude Assuming neon

Neo-Plurabell platonic Forms
Neologisic neoplasmatic

Pegasus prismatic Prague
Prayerful contemplating

Voodoun Jamaican Jamesian Eschaton
Eschatological imperial imperativity

Via Nova Gnosis

Catatonic Cathay Cathar
Cis cityscape citadel
Vivarium vita nova gnosis


Maniacal cacophonous cackling cabalistic
Schizoaffective hallucinatory
Gravitational swirling sharp shadow DÆmons


Splitting delirious selves
Segment segregationist

Serpentine kerosene ketamine
Electronic electric Eckhartesque elves

Agnostic Singularities 

Agnostic Agni assonance
Distortion rings Dadaist acid

Asymmetrical pyramidal Pythia

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