Mixtape: April-June 2020

Thom Sullivan

My mixtape for April-June 2020:01. Clem Snide’s Roger Ebert. 02. David Keenan’s Altar Wine. 03. Davis John Patton’s Stay. 04. Henry Jamison’s American Babes. 05. Henry Jamison’s Boys. 06. Henry Jamison’s Orchardist. 07. Henry Jamison’s Still Life. 08. Henry Jamison’s True North. 09. IDLES’ Never Fight a Man with a Perm. 10. Jealous of the Birds’ Parma Violets. 11. Kasey Musgrave’s Slow Burn. 12. Keaton Henson’s You. 13. Les Cowboys Fringants’ L’Amérique Pleure. 14. Louis-Jean Cormier’s Criore En Rien. 15. Luke Sital-Singh’s Raise Well. 16. Meg Myers’ After You. 17. Meg Myers’ cover of Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill. 18. Nathaniel Rateliff’s And It’s Still Alright. 19. Nathaniel Rateliff’s Three Fingers In. 20. Ok Moon’s Loved You Right. 21. Saintseneca’s Happy Alone. 22. Something for Kate’s Situation…

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