This Oak: A Pagan’s Year (Stubborn Sod, The Headpoke And Firewedding, Our Ghost’s Holiday.) A creative exploration of sources used to create my poetry series, featuring the cracking art of Marcel Herms.

Stubborn Sodcontents plus added text

stubborn sod005

Stubborn Sod May This Oak


This Oak

There is more about groves and trees in the second of this series of books that explores June and July. Called “The Headpoke and Firewedding”, it was the first to be written and the others could be said to revolve around it.

The “balancing pool” is a reference to Manvers Lake that was created when Manvers pit was closed down as a recreational area for the surrounding area. It features a half pit wheel and other dedicated artworks in memories of the pit. It is manmade with many kinds of trees holding the rest of the earth together. Photos of it appear in “The Headpoke…” I am fascinated by how man recreates nature, and how nature takes over. It is in the Dearne Valley, The River Dearne ( the word “Dearne” means hidden among other suppositions)  starts above Denby Dale at a place called Bird’s Edge and runs through Barnsley joining the Don at Conisbrough. To prevent flooding water is redirected to Manvers Lake. “Flood” could a reference to the controlling of the workers in this area by outside influences.

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