Homeless And Dead, Feast Of Larvae: A Pagan’s Year (Stubborn Sod, The Headpoke And Firewedding, Our Ghost’s Holiday.) A creative exploration of sources used to create my poetry series, featuring the cracking art of Marcel Herms.

Stubborn Sodcontents plus added text

stubborn sod005

Stubborn Sod May Homeless and the dead

Stubborn Sod May Feast Of Larvae

Feast Of Larvae, Homeless And Dead

Both of these poems are based on the Lemuralia. The other name for the “Lemures” was “Larvae”.


I put them in dialect because I think it bring us closer to the rituals and why they were performed. Homeless and Dead is from the ghosts point of view, Feast of Larvae from that of the master of the house. There is often a fertility aspect to many of these rituals that modern readers may find distasteful.

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