Cell Atlas – by Julia Polyck-O’Neill  

IceFloe Press


rude flesh, erodes – private treason

where is the valour in guileful flesh

extend maps to include seditious bodies

read testimonials into the mapped bodies of others

bodily locations elaborate an embodied, situated ethics

one hand feels the other, looping, perpetual

map the body in your infant brain

bodies as diagnostic

bodies as pedagogies

bodies both do and do not facilitate touch

bodies narrate their own decline, a tautology


bodies map depth

cell atlases map the entirety of bodies

anxious, exquisite meat

the importance of touch and feeling over seeing and the scopic – this passionate

intelligent and memory-driven flesh

the world that you see is not the world that exists

it has been heavily retouched by your retina

a string that aims to weave a cell atlas

maps are consequential in constructing a feared self

bodies foreclose narratives

bodies as monuments and parables

poem for flesh


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