Two Toronto Poets ~ A Three Day Series. Part 2: Three Poems by Jaclyn Piudik

IceFloe Press

My Mountain

a shopping mall that autocorrects to suffering
garlanded with acronyms: h&m   hmv   kfc    bmv

its scree: crushed McDonald’s coffee cups,
condom-strew about the parking lot
its flora: brad nails and rust debris

and fauna; seagulls pecking at discarded pizza crusts,
after-dark rodents, a maim of pigeons in their makeshift dovecote

empty beer bottle talus, scintilla
                        of deciduous thought-streams
       smatter rapidfire beeps and chimes ka-chings


We are in a tree now, an atelier of newly pickled walls
a frown of intended garden
one last cicada seize left behind    after the hegira
catkins tremulous between our eye-ear
someone else’s already    a cacophony
a practiced memory of fiction and wood

This night the bulb becomes physical

sinister geometry – a migrant wile

becomes populace     arms swinging at different velocities

How the moon looks annoyed

             because they took too much off the top

                     won’t accept her…

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