“Home” : A Pagan’s Year (Stubborn Sod, The Headpoke And Firewedding, Our Ghost’s Holiday.) A creative exploration of sources used to create my poetry series, featuring the cracking art of Marcel Herms.

Stubborn Sod

contents plus added text

stubborn sod april

Stubborn Sod April Home


is a very old poem of mine. I wrote in when I was living in Bristol and my sister, mam and dad were here in Barnsley. I guess it registers a kind of homesickness for the Yorkshire landscape and moors. In a sense due to “Stay At Home” Corvid-19 we are all in enforced hibernation waiting for the ice to crack and for our rivers to flow again.

Marcel’s depiction of Aphrodite in image of April is telling, as is his prescient picture of a skull. The name April some say is an Etruscan derivation from the Greek Aphrodite, who was both a goddess of love and of war. It may also mean opening as in buds,

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