The Creation : A Pagan’s Year (Stubborn Sod, The Headpoke And Firewedding, Our Ghost’s Holiday.) A creative exploration of sources used to create my poetry series, featuring the cracking art of Marcel Herms.

cropped-stubborn-sod.jpgcontents plus added text

Stubborn Sod The Creation

The Creation

Earth created in our image.

28th February is the day the Finnish celebrate their great work the Kalevala.

Here is a marvellous musical version of the creation myth in the tale.

After my poem above was published I wrote another:

Air Lass

Should be called fidget.

Restless she gusts down to the ocean.
Seven hundred years in its lap

splash and heave until a seabird
lands on one of her knees.

After yonks waiting for summat to happen.

enraptured she sits and ganders the bird.
Over excited air fidgets, upsets the nest,

All the eggs tummel and break,
broken eggshells form heavens and earth.

yolks become sun,
whites the moon,

scattered fragments of eggs
transform into stars.

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