Maryport sea-wall ~ A poem by Sarah L Dixon

The Beach Hut

Maryport sea-wall

On one side
the disused railway
measured how much
our legs had grown.

Three steps between runners.
One easy stride.

The wall offers shelter
from needles, broken glass, condoms.

We turn sideways to inch through the gap.

To find shells, sea-glass
and have our hair pulled high and hard
by Irish sea squalls.

It is not the place
for loose-fitting hats,
full skirts or tie-dyed scarves.

The wall offers shelter
but stepping out makes me
part of the weather
and of nature.
Helps me embrace
my wild, un-walled self,
to enjoy a Sellafield sunset.

Sarah L Dixon

Sarah L Dixon lives in Linthwaite. Adding wax patterns to Wednesday was released by Three Drops Press in 2018. Her first book, The sky is cracked, was released by Half Moon Press in 2017. Sarah’s inspiration comes from being in and by water and adventures with her son, Frank.


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