A collaboration between poet Jay Gandhi and myself for National Poetry Writing Month challenge: Day Three: A Fire In This Heart

the flames are like the stars
in a constellation: together
yet alone. They ignite a fire
in the heart, bake feelings
at 180 degrees. 45 minutes
do not satiate. A lifetime
wouldn’t do so either. The
most gifted swan cannot
discern between the milky
flame of friendship and
watery glow of unrequited
love. Times which we shared
looking at the sea near Marine
Drive and places we went
to— Can you recollect the
restaurant Pizza By the Bay.
Our wit was sharp and our
our instincts were keen.
And now we sit in different
living rooms wondering
if we both would together
could create a constellation


Stars are cold pinpoints.
We are different flames.

You are the ghost of a flame.
You in your place, I in mine.

I don’t want to be reminded of good times.
It makes this grief even sharper.

That swans bond for life is codswallop.
Stars are already dead when their light reaches us.

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