“Anybody Can Get A Book Published Nowadays”. Small thoughts on how 2017 went for me.

After a gap of twenty years or more, three publishers to whom I submitted Mss. told me they were willing to publish my books.

I am beyond happy that they made that decision, and though it was a steep learning curve enjoyed the process it took to get books published. Proof reading, choosing appropriate photographs for the covers, politely asking folk who have shown an interest in my work for blurbs.

All my work has to include humour to undercut any pretension and unnecessary obscurity. A good joke well placed stays longer with a reader than any amount of pontification.

The Headpoke And Firewedding (Alien Buddha Press)

A comic exploration of June and July in the pagan calendar. Packed full of voices that battle one another. According to one reader “I have made a note in this book that shouts MUST BE READ ALOUD!
Many thanks to Red Focks, editors help in putting this together.

The Spermbot Blues (OpPRESS)

A down to earth look at how future developments in AI may appear in the real world of companies needing to make money and us folk having to make a living. Ever grateful to Mike Castro, editor for his inspired choice of font and illustration.

A World Where (Nixes Mate Press)

Speculative poetry, often humorous. I take an accepted idea such as light being healthy and good for us, turn it on its head and look at how it would seem. Michael McInnis, editor provided exceptional design sense and application to this small work.

Rejections came thick and fast, and I accept this as every writer’s lot. I warm to and admire writers who speak of receiving both acceptance and rejection so non writers can get a better picture of what it takes. It makes the acceptances all the sweeter.

“Bodhran” featured in Troubadour (A Picaroon Poetry Anthology). Thankyou Kate and Robert.

https://picaroonpoetry.wordpress.com/books/troubadour-a-picaroon-poetry-anthology/ via @wordpressdotcom
I am honoured that two poems about domestic violence and bullying were published in these two anthologies.

“Tears Of God” poem, page 19, Degenerates: Voices for Peace – Domestic Violence Edition

https://issuu.com/weaselpatterson/docs/degeneratesdomestic/21 via @issuu
“A Wept Breath” and “Lucky” featured in Degenerates: Voices For Peace Bullying Edition.

https://issuu.com/weaselpatterson/docs/degbully via @issuu
My work appeared consistently in response to the marvellous prompts provided by The Poet By Day and  it’s companion “The Bezine “where my essay on how the band Hawkwind improved my adolescence found a place. Thankyou G. Jamie Dedes, Michael Dickel and John Anstie.

I am also a regular contributor to monthly Glomag. Thankyou Glory.

And to Visual Verse:


Please visit my Author sites at Goodreads and Amazon


I look forward to two more poetry collections appearing this year:

She Needs That Edge (Nixes Mate Press)
Five narrative poems.

Ghost Holiday (Alien Buddha Press)

A follow on from “The Headpoke And Firewedding”
that covered June and July in the pagan calendar. This time pieces about August to October with some excellent illustrations from professional artists as well as my own photographs.

Nixes Mate Review 5 kindly published a photo essay of mine. Thankyou editor Michael McInnis:


“Anybody can get a book published nowadays.” is a direct quote from one of the negative responses I had when I tried to publicise the existence of my books on a specific poetry site.

I agree that it Is easier now than it was twenty odd years ago to have a book published. However, the assembling and sending off of the MSS still gives rise to fret over whether it will be accepted or rejected.

I wish everyone a creative and engaging New Year.

Paul Brookes

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