9 thoughts on “Just Received Copies Of My Nixes Mate Published Poetry Chapbook “A World Where” To Be Signed And Sent Out To Good Homes That Wish To Buy One

    • I was a shop assistant on a pet stall in the old semi open market in Barnsley in the Nineties. I am a shop assistant now at Heron . I funded the publication of my first chapbook “The Fabulous Invention of Barnsley” with Dearne Community Press. These recent ones I haven’t had to pay a penny. All accepted for publication by the publishers.

      • Thats really good., well done! ..i think its a great thing to do and have – a collection of your own work in print, you must be so pleased. And one day, just think, future generations will have a record of their poetic ancestor – that will be awesome for them.

    • I write everyday. Other chapbooks in preparation, one about next door neighbours, one about my work behind the till. Others already completed include the rest of the pagan year. A years worth of bird poetry. I’m also writing my family history from my dads side.

      • Oh I’m just betting your neighbours don’t know you’re writing about them ha ha . I bet you have a tale or two to tell about tills. I was never more inspired than when I worked in a warehouse -drudgery is good for the creative mind. I would fancy writing a sketch for radio since I consider myself hilarious, but I,m.almost certain I,m delusional too. Have you ever written for radio.? And, since you are so successful, what are your top tips???? 🐸

  1. My advice is the three P”s: Perseverance, practice and persistence. Rejection is part of the job. I’ve received hundreds and more arrive every day. What do I do? I repackage the material for another and another and another until it is accepted. Don’t let anything stop you. More you write, more you explore and try different kinds of writing better you get.
    These neighbours resemblance to any person is purely coincidental .

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