Don’t Know Zip (The Neighbour #9) (Poetry Month #24)

Gathered round him, laughing. Whole pub thought he were drunk. Half way down my lager and black I saw his head lolled. They put stickers on his face. Grinning like Cheshires. His eyes closed, lips turning blue. I said “Get out of the way, you lot. Put him down. Lie him down on the floor.” Bugger it if floor were sticky with slopped beer. I gave him kiss of life. Well nobody else saw he was dying. My training kicked in. Tha never really take a break. Well he almost went again in ambulance. I just sat down and cried. They fetched us a double whisky.

Time later he comes round with bunch of flowers, box of chocs and a thankyou.

via Daily Prompt: Zip

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