Asone – in depth (part 1)


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Edinburgh’s legal graffiti wall at New Street is home to a real spectrum of talent and style. It’s also a really interesting dynamic. When you think about it, very few artforms or galleries would routinely allow unproven young blood to rub shoulders with distinguished veterans.

The result?

Complex and ambitious pieces resting beside messy tags and testosterone fueled scrawled shit-slinging.

asone-1Some of Asone’s recent work at the New Street boards

I’ve become a bit more familiar with the work of a few of those artists while taking a walk during my lunch hour. A particular piece painted late last year really blew me away. It was super-complex and merged slick figurative elements and tight letters on a background that looked just as time consuming to put together as the focus of the piece itself.

Who painted it? Why did they chose this spot and those letters? Why did they pick…

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