stolen, borrowed, begged


 Blindworm asleep Nightingale
 plucks out its eye to partner his other
 places it into his hollow socket
 to attend Wren’s Wedding.

 Blindworm vows
 to catch nightingale asleep
 to snatch back its eye.

 So nightingale vows
 to sing night and day
 and stay awake.


 ” Please can I borrow your eyes?”
 Asks the blind nightingale
 of the excellent eyed blindworm
 ” I’ve been invited to faerie wedding,
 and don’t want to look foolish.”

 After the nightingale sees bright
 colours, red, green and gold
 of the faerie occasion, he tells
 blindworm, “I cannot return
 these worlds of light, but will
 sing to you, my friend, night and day.”


 Blindworm felt the waters rise
 around him and feared to drown.
 He looked up to see Nightingale
 sat on a branch all of a shudder.

 “Why do you cry, my friend?”
 says worm to bird.
 “I wish to go to Faerie Wedding,
 but have no eyes to see it.”
 says bird to worm.

 “I beg you, take my excellent eyes.”
 as I would rather be blind than die.”
 says worm to bird
 “And I shall sing to you night and day.”
 says bird to worm.

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