Total Liberation


she enters dark
 catacombs her wings
 scrape off

 she brings new birth

 wingless orphan lads are born first
 search for their unborn sisters
 fuck one

 dig an escape tunnel
 to light
 and die

 orphan lasses born pregnant
 exit through escape tunnels
 new birth clings to them
 as they unfold wings to fly


I’m allowed to dress in her clothes,
 richer, softer, more delicate

 I’m out with the other lasses
 in the streets hitting ourselves
 with wild fig branches

 lads eye us up as we breathe
 heavy and show more flesh

 they might have us later
 or we might have them

 I’m supping and eating with her
 tomorrow I shall wear
 poorer, harder, rougher clothes

 and do chores



Tha wants to hear
‘ow tha nannan saved tarn
al tell thee.

a were nowt but
a serving oik
to big bosses
on r tarn.

serving ’em sup a were
an they were in
a reet tacking

seein as son lads
from another tarn
as said ‘Thas best
do as we ask else
we’ll beat thee
black and blue.
Know what am saying?’

“We want tha lasses,
wives and girlfriends
fort neet or maybe

In a reet to do.
Well as bein a serving oik
a ‘ad an idea.
So a pipes up
“al sort it for thee.”

an they continued
wi their yammer.
” a said, al sort it.
For thee.”

an their still yammer,
yammer. a slams full
pint pot dahn so’s it
splashes all o’er

“Lunk’eads! A said
al sort for thee!”

Well, they eyes me
up and dahn like a were
summat art a tarn.

A were a bit on a looker
then, tits pointy, reet curve
on ma hips and dash
a blonde hair.

Then been so engrossed
they’d not noticed us.
“Well!”, chief boss says.

A outlines plan
to ’em while they’re
eyeing up me goods,
int plan a volunteered
a stack o’ me female
mates to join us.

An it were on.


Bosses telled their wives
 an girlfriends o’ plan,
 an telled ’em to keep stum.

 Some o’them lasses
 as doubted us lot
 lower dahn pecking order
 could do job reet. Snobby
 bitches. They says
 “We’ll tek ’em in an
 teach ’em how to play part.”

 A told our stack o’ lasses
 an they were game. So
 all on us volunteers
 turns up at posh lasses
 doors and got a reet

 “Tha dunt want too much,
 else tha’ll stink like a whore.”
 she dabs rose petal scent on us,
 rouge’s me cheeks,
 chooses second best
 linen  for us “Dunt want you
 showing us up.”

 an a were saving her.
 Other lasses had been tret
 same, but now all on us
 were off to meet
 wi enemy artside tarn.

 a gev lasses advice.
 “Play hard
 to get, first. Thas posh,
 remember. Up to them
 to woo thee.”


When us turns up
they’ve laid on a reet spread
for us, hot meat and fresh fish platters,
rice, pasta and sweet wine.

bearded enemy is all in a line up
to the tables. “Are you their
wives and girlfriends?”, one
o’ them asks.

A walk along line o’ men.
Stop. Pull a lads goatee
beard towards
ma tits an say ” No, we’re
shit under thee booit. Av
got some goats milk
‘ere that wants suppin’.”
an ma tits in his marth.

One o’ other lasses,
reveals a thigh an says,
“ma fig wants chewin’ on.”

Yet another pouts her lips,
“a need a tongue to tek,
ma nectar” an snogs
one o’ the enemy.

soon all are coupled up,
an suppin’ place dry
an sossled
an ma lasses are play
fightin’ wi enemies weapons
an hidin’ them away

lad on ma breast as his hands
all o’er, a gently prise him off,
“Time, yet, lover, time.”
an sneak artside
an climb a wild fig tree,
an raise a torch
art on folds a ma dress
leet it so’s bosses can see.

an bosses come dahn
on enemy fistin’, cuttin’
av blood splattered o’er
her second best dress,
ma rouge is redder.

beat ’em soundly we did,
atter wi were gin r freedom
fort savin’ tarn.

an that’s why we’re ‘ere
under wild fig tree,
suppin’ goats milk
an lasses play fightin
o’er yonder.

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