Siggy dees, long live Siggy

Atta Counsel’s tale, o’ how
 Hugger killed his dad, then turned inta a serpent, Siggy agrees
 to help his foster-father get Ottergold

 Twice, Counsel meks Siggy a sword,
 both brek on anvil. Finally Sword Spirit giz
 her son brok bit o’ dead Siggy’s sword.
 Counsel forges wi brok bit, Siggy calls sword Wrath. Wi Wrath, Siggy cleaves anvil in two.

 Siggy and Counsel go “Glittering Heath”.
 Siggy digs a pit to hide in wait for Hugger. When Hugger sups from stream,
 Siggy kills serpent wi sharp Wrath.

 Counsel wants treasure for himself,
 tells Siggy that he will not seek revenge
 for killing his brother if Siggy will cut out Hugger’s heart and roast it for him.

 Serpent’s heart will gi any man who eats
 it power over other men. Siggy agrees.

 Siggy roasts the heart over fire,
 tests  heart to see if cooked,
 burns his fingers from juice (heart-blood).

 Siggy puts his fingers immediate
 in his mouth to cool ’em dahn
 an sudden like knows what
 bird language means.

 Birds tell Siggy ” Counsel will
 betray thee
 once you eat the heart,
 take all treasure fo himsen.”

 Bird says ” Bright Battle,
 a virgin shieldlass
 sleeps within a torc
 of Fire at Hindfell”

 Siggy strikes off Counsel’s head.
 Siggy eats Hugger’s heart himsen.
 finds magic finger torc
 sword called Brute, 
 Helm o’ Awe,
 an Golden Byrnie.

 Siggy,leaves Glittering Heath
 trogs north to Hindfell
 to chat up Bright Battle.

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