siggy dees, long live siggy

Siggy falls fo’ Sword Spirit, beautiful
 daughter o’ King Eylimi. Siggy
 wooes Sword Spirit agin younger kings.

 Siggy wins an gets hitched to Sword Spirit 
 One o’ younger suitors Lyngi says “Tha not ‘aving ‘er. Al av thee bollocks on a spit, first. Thas won battle but not war. I’ll av thee.”

 Reight scrap an battle ensues,
 fists in heads, lamping one another.
 Siggy can’t be defeated ‘cos o’ his sword
 as is one only he could pull out
 on oak int mead hall.

 One Eye arrives wi his invincible spear, Swayer. When Siggy sees
 One Eye, he attacks him, when he strikes Swayer, Wrath shatters into two.

 At night, Sword Spirit, preggers wi Siggy’s bairn, finds her hubbie still compos on battlefield. Siggy says ” Gather brok bits o’ ma sword, so r son can forge a new un. He’ll avenge me an thy father.”

 Lyngi, still wants to marry Sword Spirit,
 fails to find her or her treasure.
 She’s flitted to Alf, Sea Rover an marries him

 Sword Spirit bears a son, she calls Siggy.
 Alf, brings up Siggy’s son as his oan

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