The Invisible Town Commercial Register (Updated Regularly)

Fish & Chip Shop places your bets. 2 to 1 Haddock. 3 to 1 Cod. Accumulator includes a bag of scraps.

Hairdressers do not dress your hair. They cut and blow extraneous parts of your life. Declutter you with head massage.

Estate Agents is a butchers, sells accessible sausages, secluded pies, spacious legs of Lamb, picturesque Chicken.

Card shop is a bakers. Inhale fresh baked birthday wishes, admire Hen night buns, Stag night fairy cakes, seeded get well

Indian Takeaway is a flower shop: Chapatti Roses, Naan bread Daffodils, Pot plant Samosas, Jalfrezi garden ornaments.

Key & Shoe Repair is a library & Media Centre: Headlines reheeled, Twitter Yale keyed, Facebook resouled, books polished.

The Butchers is a swimming pool. The water tenderises your flesh. With this tender you can buy groceries.  Swim with knives.

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